Our Values

Balabalika Pokhara Foundation uncompromisingly commits to the following values that rule each action we take to achieve our goals:


Our Foundation focuses on international cooperation and development concerning children in Nepal, and more specifically in the city of Pokhara. To do this, we dismiss a model based on the traditional paternalism. We show our utmost respect for the Nepalese culture, which we do not pretend to judge, modify, or alter in any way in our field of action.


We base our cooperation on direct action in the Balabalika Home, which we keep using our own means with no intermediaries. That way we can guarantee perfect control and visibility of the results. All our collaborators can have full access to our action either through images and videos that we will be posting, either through direct knowledge of children, always with total respect and protection of their privacy.

Our efforts must lead BP children to grow with equal rights and opportunities as children in ‘normal situations’ under the Nepalese standards. We want to center our action on the individual knowledge of each child to promote their full potential as people with ‘open doors’ in their community.

We manage the funds from our partners and donors on the basis of uncompromising respect to responsibility and austerity, efficiency and absolute transparency. All partners and donors will have the right to obtain at any time precise and up-to-date information about the economic management of the Foundation. Therefore, we commit to meet all the requests for information with diligence and to periodically disclose updated statements and reports.

Balabalika Pokhara Foundation does NOT promote international volunteering in our site in Nepal. We are convinced of the proven capacity of our local employees to carry out all our actions. Balabalika Pokhara does not accept foreign aid workers nor facilitates volunteering internships in our facilities.


This is a good moment to make the clear statement that no one in Balabalika gets any money as retribution, compensation of expenses, flight tickets or any other items. This is a commitment we undertook from day 1 and we will keep it as our moto. Our structure is light and based on volunteering, all the money is going to Nepal (for full transparency, there are some unavoidable expenses in Spain like bank fees, registration taxes and merchandising costs like T-shirts, bags, calendars).


Therefore, 100% of donations and other incomes obtained by Balabalika Pokhara will be used exclusively to finance our action in Nepal. No member of the Board of Trustees nor any contributors shall receive any money from the Foundation as retribution, salary or any other concepts. All the action of the Foundation relies on the volunteer work of trustees and collaborator. This is an unrenounceable and irrevocable principle.